Hold on Zimmerman, Joe and Dennis Miller discussed the DoJ and the Zimmerman case

On July 17, Dennis and Joe discussed Eric Holder as he pushes civil rights charges on George Zimmerman while as DAG the hypocrite Holder masterminded the release of terrorists who specifically targeted their victims by race.

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Mr. Holder now promises justice to the Martin family and our nation while he plans on trying an acquitted man for the second time. Meanwhile, he ignored the Connor family and FALN bombing survivors exposing his utter contempt for all Americans by unleashing unrepentant terrorists on the American people. The FALN terrorists never requested clemency but had it thrust upon them by Holder and the Clintons.

Holder met with the FALN terror supporters a reported nine times but never met the victims or families. He allowed the terrorists unprecedented conference calls between prisons during the astonishing 30 days they were granted to decide if they even wanted release! FALN leader Oscar Lopez was so committed to his cause that he rejected clemency and remains in prison today.
I testified at Holder’s 2009 Senate confirmation hearing that by masterminding terrorists releases, Holder played Russian roulette with the American people he is sworn to protect while predicting that, “Holder lacks the judgment, character, honesty and belief system necessary for such a vital position (as Attorney General) in today’s world.” Unfortunately, I was right.

So the question remains, what will Holder do in the case of Zimmerman?

Answer: Like his role in releasing FALN terrorists, whatever is most politically expedient.

Why? Justice has nothing to do with it. It is all about politics and race for Eric Holder.

Connor written 2009 Senate Confirmation testimony:

Connor video 2009 Senate Confirmation testimony:

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