Obamacare: a violation of our God given Human Rights and further erosion of the family

Obamacare NeighborI think I speak for millions of Americans when I say that I am just plain mad. I resent some politicians and bureaucrats dictating how we can best provide for ourselves and our families.

My family still gets insurance through our employers, but when I see what our fellow Americans are being put through now, (and my family soon enough) I cannot believe this is my country.

We used to use the term, unamerican to describe the wrong of forcing individuals to do something against their will; like buy insurance. You don’t need to be John Roberts or any SCOTUS justice to know what is right, what is wrong; and what is unamerican.

Putting aside the stress of being kicked out of an insurance policy, searching for a new doctor, increased premiums and unaffordable deductibles what’s worse is being insulted by blatant lies from a dismissive president; the frustration of being violated by your own government.

Americans feel that there is no place to turn now. This law effects our very lives and the lives of our kids. We as parents would give our lives for our families. We work hard and do our best to make good, responsible decisions only to have our own government willfully and intentionally destroy all we have done. In a deeper sense, they have removed power from the parents, intentionally eroding the family unit.

Obamacare is a basic violation of our human rights that our founders and so many fought and died for. The trust between the citizen and his government may be forever destroyed and unless we wake up and demand this law’s repeal now, this is only the beginning.

We learned as kids that America was different because we are a nation of constitutional law, not men. What have we become?

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