The Obamacare Twilight Zone

To Serve ManAs a kid and even as an adult, I loved watching old reruns of The Twilight Zone. It seemed as if each episode was better than the next, with stories that only Rod Serling could imagine and create.


One of my favorite episodes was titled “To Serve Man.” It was a story about a race of aliens called Kanamits that come down to Earth claiming to come in peace with a host of benefits for mankind. They display a few examples of these such as force fields to shield countries from attack and nutrients to turn deserts into farmland.


They also leave behind a book written in their alien language after their meeting at the United Nations. The U.S. officials take it upon themselves to try and translate the book, identifying the title right away as To Serve Man. It is thought that the book is a guide of how these Kanamits plan to assist man. Time passes and before long, it is discovered that To Serve Man is not a help manual but in fact a cookbook.


Barack Obama’s crowning achievement as the 44th President of the United States is the passing of the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. It was touted as healthcare coverage for all; no American would be denied or turned away regardless of pre-existing condition, age, social status, etc. On top of that, as the President said on more than a few occasions, if you liked your current plan and liked your current doctor, you could keep either. When the populace said this looked like just another tax, albeit a big one, Obama said it was not. When more groups said it was unconstitutional to force people to buy something they did not need, the President and his attack dogs snarled that these folks were just being racist.


Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster. From a website that doesn’t work, to a handful of people signing up per state, to Americans either losing their coverage altogether or watching their premiums skyrocket, the healthcare bill is a train wreck. Everything the President has said to date is a lie. He could not tell the truth about the healthcare bill because if he did, even his most staunch supporters would have trouble sticking up for him.


We are now at the point where the President lies about his lies.


But keep in mind, Obamacare is far from a train wreck. In fact, it is moving forward just as Obama planned. The healthcare bill was never about universal healthcare; it was only about one thing:


Government control over the citizens of the United States.


Which government entity oversees the Affordable Care Act? The Internal Revenue Service. If it was all about healthcare, then why is the IRS in charge of Obamacare?


Because it was a tax all along. The healthcare act goes to the Supreme Court to be ruled on and what happens? Chief Justice Roberts looks at the bill, sees that it is totally unconstitutional, and decides in an unprecedented act to rewrite the bill, calling it a tax, in order to get it passed.


The only way the bill gets through is as a tax. Think of your property tax. You can be a single adult without children in the local school system but you pay for the school tax because the government says you have to. Americans cannot be forced to pay for healthcare they do not need so it is rewritten as a tax because the government can implement tax after tax upon us.


We went to war over a tea tax two hundred and thirty seven years ago. If King George were alive today, you know what he would say?


“Wait, we can tax them for not buying tea?????”


There was a very talented rock band in the early nineties called Living Colour. They performed a song called “Cult of Personality.” If you read some of the lyrics, it might as well have been written about Obama.


Neon lights, Nobel Prize

When a mirror speaks, the reflection lies

I sell the things you need to be

I’m the smiling face on your TV  

I exploit you, still you love me

I told you one and one makes three


You gave me fortune, you gave me fame

You gave me power in your God’s name

I’m every person you need to be

I’m the cult of personality


Our “Snake Oil–In-Chief” continues to lie to our face and is not called on it. You would hope that the mainstream media may finally come around and report the truth. Some of the networks have actually mentioned the lies on their news shows, prompting amazement among those few conservatives that still watch CBS, NBC, ABC or CNN (I would mention MSNBC if anybody still watched). But as we have seen before, don’t hold your breath.


Obama’s healthcare plan was sold to us as a Godsend, healthcare for all when in fact it is a tax, filled with job killing regulations, mandatory funding and servicing for people wanting an abortion, death panels for the elderly who happen to be sick and……..hey wait a minute.


Obamacare: it’s a cookbook!!!!

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