Political Correctness used to be a nuisance, now its a Noose

President Obama’s failure to identify and confront our mortal enemy as Radical Islamic Terrorists hadPolitical Correctness been written off by most as Political Correctness run amok.

But Political Correctness is far more insidious than how the benign sounding “PC” is portrayed. Political Correctness used to be a laughable nuisance. But now it is used as a noose to choke free speech, to silence people and may have contributed to the San Bernardino terror murders by convincing the terrorists’ neighbor from reporting them lest he be labeled a racist.

Like Terrorism itself, Political Correctness is a tactic designed to intimidate free people into giving in to another’s will. It is up to us not to be intimidated, to stand up against it by speaking and acting with truthful conviction.

George Orwell prophetically wrote, “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

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