Terrorist release: With a government like this who needs enemies?

holder1We are looking at Obama’s terrorist release the wrong way.

To Obama and Eric Holder’s DoJ the point was never Sgt. Bergdahl coming home.  It was all about getting these 5 terrorists out of Gitmo to facilitate the prison’s closing, smiling with Bergdahl’s grateful parents at a photo op and then claiming victory.  Problem is, every now and then Obama and his administration’s craven politics expose their clear agenda, arrogance and utter incompetence.

As an eye witness to the 9/11 WTC attacks, a 9/11 family member (cousin Steve Schlag), and the son of Frank Connor also murdered by terrorists whose unrepentant killers were released in 1999 by the Clintons and Eric Holder, I believe this latest release betrays the 9/11 victims and families, further politicizes terrorism and dismisses our brave servicemen’s sacrifices while putting them and American citizens at greater risk.

It is also nothing new for Holder and other current and former members of the Obama administration. After all Obama’s hand-picked and trusted Attorney General Eric Holder, implicated in the release by NSA Susan Rice, has a history of negotiating and executing the release of terrorists.  As Rice admitted to CNN’s Candy Crowley, “….So, it wasn’t known to Congress.  The Department of Defense consulted with the Department of Justice.”

It’s been repeated since this unconscionable release was announced that the US does not, and never has negotiated with terrorists.  That axiom may have been true before 1999 and the days of Holder, Clinton and Obama but clearly is true no longer.

As Deputy AG under Bill Clinton in 1999, Holder met with supporters of the Puerto Rican terrorist group FALN multiple times just prior to Clinton offering clemency to the unrepentant terrorists (while ignoring FALN victims and family members).  Like this most recent jailbreak, the FALN clemency was obviously political; done to gain traction for Hillary Clinton’s 2000 senate run in New York.

Now we have this capitulation.

As I testified at Holder’s 2009 Senate Confirmation Hearing, by releasing the FALN terrorists Holder proved he “lacks the judgment, character, honesty and belief system necessary for such a vital position in today’s world.”

I went on to say that, “he (Holder) was playing Russian Roulette with the American people.”

As evidenced by among other things, the FALN releases, Fast and Furious and now this unconscionable exchange, unfortunately my 2009 warnings proved prophetic.

The Obama administration flouts our laws, ignores separation of powers, and centuries of precedent while encouraging behavior detrimental to our society both domestically and abroad.

This administration has again put politics above the safety of the people they are sworn to protect, dismissed the sacrifice of servicemen in harm’s way, betrayed terror victims and family members and put us all at risk once too often.

With a government like this, who needs enemies?


Connor Holder testimony:


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One thought on “Terrorist release: With a government like this who needs enemies?

  1. The White House has added “extra-Geneva Conventions” to its rhetorical quiver. Its spokesperson claimed those 5 Taliban were “combatants” without adding the caveat of either “unlawful” or “illegal” in front of it. Heretofore, they hinted “combatant” status was being used by Obama as cover for negotiation with the stateless, trans-national, illegal war making Taliban. They have repeatedly stated they hope the trade for Bergdahl would open way for negotiations between the Taliban and Afghanistan. Yet Geneva did not afford protections to stateless actors and organization, those who wage transnational war (the ISI-created Taliban is not an official arm of Pakistan and it wages war within more than one country). Well, if Obama can repeatedly get away with dictating U.S. law without Congressional legislation, who are all the other nations on earth to object to his making up international law?

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