9/11 Family Press Conference at Guantanamo Bay


Our unified 9/11 family held a press conference with the Guantanamo Bay Media to discuss their week observing Gitmo familyGitmo familythe 9/11 terror pre trial motions.

Questions were led by Carol Rosenberg of the Miami Herald with other questions from outlets including NPR, Lawdragon and the AP.

Please click here for NPR’s summarized broadcast of our press conference or copy and paste this link.


Below is the complete press conference:

Introductions, expectations, impressions, courtroom incident with Scharlette Holdman

Court room incident with KSM supporter  Scharlette Holdman (cont’d), Commitment to Justice

Zero Dark Thirty, Commitment to Gitmo, comparison to FALN clemency

Death Penalty

What is true torture?  Protecting our people, asymmetrical warfare, orchestrated delays

Due process to terrorists, impressions of Judge Pohl, Sean set the record straight on KSM, Holdman and translator

Terrorists are not impressive

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