No Surprise Left for Terrorists

It should come as no surprise that Democrats and the US media advocate for the terror regime in Iran over the American people and our president; gushing over Soleimani, the dead Iranian terror leader with American blood on his hands. 

Sadly, the American Left have sided with terrorists for cheap politics for decades. 

Both President Clinton and President Obama pushed clemency to the unrepentant Puerto Rican terrorists of the FALN who murdered our father Frank Connor right here at New York’s Fraunces Tavern.  Clintons’ clemency to these sworn Marxists came in 1999 in a cynical attempted to connect his wife with New York’s Latino community for her 2000 NY Senate run.

In his last day as president in 2017, Obama handed a second clemency to FALN leader Oscar Lopez Rivera who defiantly and incredibly refused the Clinton freedom grant in 1999.  Soon after, Obama and Lopez’s Democrat dominated hometown of Chicago named a street in honor of the terrorist. New York City politicians followed quickly, naming Lopez a “freedom hero” before sponsors pulled out of the 2017 Puerto Rican Day parade when victims’ family, friends and right-minded Americans protested.

But it never ends.  Convicted, fugitive FALN bomb maker, William Morales and other terrorists remain under safe harbor in Cuba.  Time to bring them home to face justice. 

Today we face the left’s inhumanity of condemning President Trump for striking down the murder Soleimani.

  • Have these leftists ever had a loved one murdered by terrorists? 
  • Do they know the harm our leaders dismissing the lives of murdered family members inflicts on their loved ones? 
  • Do they know the pain?

Do they care?

This January 24th marks the 45th anniversary of our father’s murder.  His murder remains as raw to me now (and sometimes burns even deeper) as a 53 year old husband and father of adult children, as when I was a child planning to celebrate my 9th and brother’s 11th birthday that very night.

Our 33 year old father’s murder and subsequent political use of his life and death cuts our mother Mary, now 81, as deeply now as it did in 1975 when she was widowed and left to raise two young boys.  We can only pray for those victims and families of 33 year old contractor Nawres Hamid and those murdered and maimed by Soleimani. 

Our family has been hit my terrorists twice; my dad at Fraunces Tavern and his god son, cousin Steve Schlag only blocks away on 9/11/01 as I witnessed, just having commuted through the WTC.  The Connor / Schlag family suffers from their murders every day.

It’s a hole in the soul that grows when our leaders dismiss our lives and the live of those we loved for their own political gain and power.

These wounds never heal yet the Left has zero compassion, no understanding or caring for justice nor the human condition.  Seems everything they think, everything they do is agenda driven yet they accuse conservatives as being uncaring. 


One thought on “No Surprise Left for Terrorists

  1. AMEN!!! R.I.P. Frank Connor and All Victims of Terrorism, Foreign and Especially DOMESTIC!!!
    As an Army Veteran Vietnam Era it was Unbelievable back then and is Insanity what is happening in America and around the world the past few years!!!
    Watch the video at my website and contact me to discuss how we can use it as a vehicle to fund Patriotic organizations and candidates!!!

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