Romney has not Found his way

As Mitt Romney again acts like a puppet and the main stream media pulls the conversation & focus away from Barack Obama’s miserable record, I become more assured that the blue print for conservative victory in November, detailed in the just released novel, The New Founders (Dunham Books) is spot on.


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Full disclosure, I co-authored The New Founders with Michael S. Duncan, but that (if you can believe it) is beside the point. 

The New Founders is an original novel bringing the Founding Fathers alive in today’s United States as the Presidential election draws near.

George Washington himself and the 21st Century embodiments of his founding brothers take on the president, media and the status quo in the Republican Party fueled by constitutional principles, the understanding of human nature and bold, clear ideas.

Romney would do well to follow The New Founders’ lead.

In the book, Washington marvels at the magnificent country he fathered. From the United States being the constant liberating force against tyranny to the miraculous technologies and the unparallel equality of all Americans, Washington is humbled by the great republic we have become.

But he sees in our current president and political environment even greater tyranny from the city that bears his name than from the eighteenth century British Crown.

Quoting from book, Washington and his new founders confront the president head on. He excoriates the sitting president for his reckless deficit spending, weak foreign policy, capitulation to our enemies and government centric policies:

“… (he) began by saying that our national security was inextricably connected to the economy. “Clearly these uncontrollable deficits must be halted and eliminated or we as a nation may not have the economic power to project our strength and battle our enemies.”

(Washington) reminded the audience that the United States, during the Reagan presidency, defeated the Soviet Union by bankrupting them. He then warned that the same fate could await the United States if we were to allow government to control the economy and weaken our military while
spending us into oblivion.

 In confronting the president’s apology tour of the Middle East, our George Washington demonstrates his understanding of human nature and peace through strength hits hard:

 “the request for forgiveness only increased the violence toward America, resulting in the murders of brave American service men. Like any predator, when our enemies smell blood, they attack.”

On immigration, Washington refers to James Madison:

“James Madison asked why immigration is desirable. He asked if it was merely to swell the catalogue of people? No. He concluded, ‘Tis to increase the wealth and strength of the community, and those who acquire the rights of citizenship. Without adding to the strength or wealth of the community,
are not the people we are in want of.’”

The phrase “Not merely to swell the catalogue of people” was a prediction that the left wing establishment in the country would continue to push for amnesty and citizenship to illegal aliens, creating a larger liberal voting block.

(He) continued, hitting the point hard by saying that The United States was founded by those who immigrated in search of liberty, men and women who craved the freedom to succeed and even to fail based on their own abilities without government intrusion.

And to Madison again on government interference in the economy:

“‘I own myself the friend to a very free system of commerce, and hold it as a truth, that commercial shackles are generally unjust, oppressive and impolitic  — it is also a truth, that if industry and labor are left to take their own course,  they will generally be directed to those objects which are the most productive, and this in a more certain and direct manner than the wisdom of the most enlightened legislature could point out.’”

Evoking his Judeo Christian values Washington even takes on the president’s constant claim that he is the arbiter of “fairness”:

(Washington) rhetorically asked if any political leaders, founding fathers or even Supreme Court Justices could be entrusted as the arbiters of fairness. Walters turned his head toward the camera and announced to the world that God was the judge of fairness; the Almighty deemed what was fair in the world when He delivered the Ten Commandments to Moses. Walters listed the commandments, stressing those related to honesty and envy.

Washington stresses that only 21st century Americans can overcome 21st century problems. In The New Founders, the blueprint for that victory was and is laid out by our Founding Fathers.

Now it’s up to us to show Mitt Romney the way.

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