Keep terrorist Oscar Lopez in prison

Please see the following text to a letter to President Obama. If you agree that this and every unrepentant terrorist must complete his sentence, please copy and email, mail or call The White House.


President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC


Ref: Federal Prisoner; Oscar Lopez Rivera, 87651-024, FCI Terre Haute

Dear President Obama,

I understand certain misinformed organizations are calling for you to release Oscar Lopez Rivera, a convicted terrorist and leader of the Fuerzas Armadas de Liberacion Nacional Puertorriqueno (“FALN”). For the good of the United States I strenuously oppose this request and would like to point out the following:

  • Oscar Lopez Rivera was a leader of the FALN, the most prolific domestic terrorist organization ever to wage war against the United States of America. The FALN claimed responsibility for bombings resulting in the deaths of five innocent people.
  • Less than two years ago in February 2011, after a thorough hearing and deliberations, Oscar Lopez Rivera was denied parole by the United States Parole Commission and ordered to “continue to a 15-Year Reconsideration Hearing in January 2026 or continue to expiration whichever comes first… you are a more serious risk than indicated by the guidelines in that you were one of the recognized leaders of the FALN who during the latter half of the 1970’s and early 1980’s planted over 100 bombs around the New York City, Chicago and Washington, DC area killing and maiming private citizens in the United States.
  • “…The Commission concludes that this combination of factors indicate your release on parole would promote disrespect for the law and you should serve the remainder of your aggregate Federal sentence.”
  • Twelve FALN members (including Lopez) were arrested in 1980 and 1981. All were convicted in Federal Court of serious felonies including seditious conspiracy and weapons possession.
  • Lopez was one of the terrorists offered clemency by Bill Clinton in 1999 but refused the offer because it did not include his FALN co-founder, Carlos Torres. Certainly, that refusal confirms his leadership in and commitment to the FALN.
  • Specific testimony confirmed Lopez’s leadership role in the organization. While in jail, Lopez was twice involved in escape attempts.
  • Finally, there is no indication that Lopez himself has followed the normal protocols and has applied for clemency. Rather it seems this is being done on his behalf by others, as was the case in 1999 when he refused the president’s offer.

Though he has had every opportunity (including before the FALN victims and their families at his 2011 parole hearing) Lopez has never expressed remorse for his actions nor offered any cooperation to the public or law enforcement in solving the many unsolved crimes of the FALN.

Please reaffirm the 2011 Federal Parole Board’s decision and ensure that terrorist Oscar Lopez remains in prison to the end of his term.

Respectfully yours,


4 thoughts on “Keep terrorist Oscar Lopez in prison

  1. If Oscar Lopez showed any remorse for his part in planting the bomb in Fraunces Tavern, NY City in 1975, that killed my husband Frank Connor, I would be willing to forgive him. But, no such words have passed his lips. That bomb killed Frank, devoted husband, father of 2 small boys and only son/child of his widowed mother.
    Perhaps Mr. Lopez is not seeking clemency but rather is content to remain in prison for the rest of his life then so be it. However, should be feel the need for justice for the wrong he did and asks for forgiveness I am willing to forgive. MCT

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