Facing Growing Government

Our government in recent years has grown far beyond the consent of the governed. It has abused our rights in many ways. One of the most blatant abuses is the mandate that says Americans must purchase health insurance. Our Government officials try to disguise their socialist agenda as a humanitarian project. They think we are too stupid to see through their scams and lies. This government seems to think we are not able to make basic decisions about our lives. Well I ask, if we the people, do not have the capacity to decide what is right and wrong for ourselves how can a government in a distant capital  have the ability or the judgment to decide for us?

This nation was founded on the basic principles framed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These basic ideals are being infringed upon everyday. We can no longer own guns like we could a few years ago and the Catholic church is being forced to buy contraception for its employees. If we ignore this framework we hold dear we will doom our nation and ourselves to mediocrity. We must make sure history does not record that we who had the most powerful and free nation the earth has ever seen knowingly allowed its own demise. If we fail in our fight to keep this nation free, if we allow the United States to crumble there will be no freedom left in the world.

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