Axelrod’s Hypocrisy

Frank Connor

I was angry listening to David Axelrod piously tell Chris Wallace on Sunday that he thinks everyone should respect terror victim, Chris Stevens’ father who asked that his son’s death not be exploited.I totally agree with Mr. Stevens and Mr. Axelrod. Political leaders using the death of a citizen’s family member for political purposes increases the pain of that death and diminishes the importance of the life of that loved one. In other words, its disgraceful.Before Axelrod offered that hypocritical admonition, he should recall that the two most senior cabinet members of the Obama Administration, AG Eric Holder and Sec of State Hillary Clinton exploited my father Frank Connor’s murder by unrepentant FALN Terrorists when they engineered presidential clemency to these thugs in 1999. The FALN never requested clemency, never accepted responsibility for their decade long terror spree and took 30 days to decide to accept the clemency. Tellingly their leader Oscar Lopez, rejected clemency and chose to stay in prison.

Holder and Clinton had no concern about victims or victims’ family members. Cynically, Holder and their proxies met with FALN terror supporters a reported nine times and ignored all the victims’ families including the Connor family.

That is why I testified against Holder at his 2009 Senate confirmation hearing.

So why did they disrespect terror victims’ families? Hillary and Holder did it for politics. For their political ideology and a few promised votes for Hillary Clinton’s New York 2000 senate run. Pathetic.

Based on the weeks since September 11, 2012, it is obvious that Obama and his senior leaders still have no concern about victims or victims’ family members.

That’s the kind of “leadership” we have in the State Department, Justice Department and White House.

So help us God.

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