Congressional Cowardice: CIA Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

As a 9/11 family member (cousin Steve Schlag) and eye witness and FALN terror victim’s son (Frank Connor) I fully support the CIA’s interrogation techniques.  Connor Holder hearing 2009

I also want to raise a particularly disgraceful point surrounding the Congress’s shift from support of EIT to condemnation that I have not heard mentioned previously.

After 9/11 when Congress believed terrorists planted nuclear devices in DC, they pushed for CIA’s enhanced interrogation. Only after they believed their own lives were safe, these elitist, cowardly politicians condemned those very techniques.

Congress was willing to risk the lives of We the People for the political advantage of condemning what may have saved their own lives.  In other words, in the classic “ticking time bomb” scenario, EIT was fine so long as it protected the privileged.  Once they had no need for it anymore, as it would only protect the common American, EIT could be condemned for political gain.

Now they are similarly willing to sacrifice our servicemen and intel officers who only did what Congress asked them to do.  

I thought of this now because I felt this very condescension during my 2009 testimony at Eric Holder’s AG hearing. Though I remained polite,  Senator Leahy and others sat like gods on Mt. Olympus as they literally and figuratively talked down to me while I explained my father’s murder by FALN terrorists and experience on 9/11. 

Please see my testimony by clicking on the link below or the photo above.  I think you will understand my point as their arrogance, condescension and feelings of superiority were palpable.

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