Capitulation Weekend: Cuba removed from Terror list and NYC number two supports unrepentant terrorist. All we want is justice; for these terrorists to fulfill their lawful sentences

Our father, 33 year old Frank Connor was murdered in cold blood by William Morales’s and Oscar Lopez’s FALN.  Incredibly over this weekend, the Obama administration removed Cuba, who sponsors fugitive FALN bomber William Morales, from the State Sponsor of Terror list and New York City Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito continued her crusade for a second presidential clemency for FALN leader Oscar Lopez Rivera who refused clemency in 1999. 

How can the US remove Cuba, a state that sponsors terrorists, from the state sponsor of terror list?

On Friday the Obama administration and, through their deafening silence, their accomplices in congress did just that.Rosen Cuba 052915

James Rosen and I discussed this capitulation to a rogue regime that has sponsored fugitive terrorists including convicted FALN leader and bomb maker William Morales and BLA cop killer Joanne Chesimard.  Please click on the photo to the right for the complete story.


How can the number 2 elected official in NYC support a convicted leader of a terrorist group that murdered five in the city she leads?

More capitulation by our elected officials was clear Saturday when the number two in New York City, Melissa Mark Viverito led a rally supporting a second presidential clemency for another unrepentant FALN leader, Oscar Lopez Rivera.  Mark Viverito and her fellow terror supporters lie, ignoring the fact that Lopez defiantly refused then President Clinton’s politically craven clemency to Lopez and 15 of his and Morales’ Puerto Rican, Cuba inspired, Marxist comrades.   Viverito 053015

Please click on the photo to the right for the complete story, noting the Che tee shirt on the terrorist supporter behind Mark Viverito.


Our father, 33 year old Frank Connor was murdered in cold blood by Morales’s and Lopez’s FALN.  Certainly he deserved and we deserve better than this from our elected officials.

All we want is justice; for these terrorists to fulfill their lawful sentences.  Is that too much to ask?  Don’t terror victims deserve that much?

Please click on the photos to the right or the links below for the complete stories.


 Additional information on Lopez below



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