President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration; The First 100 Days with Martha MacCallum

Joe defended President Trump’s executive order on immigration during a powerful Townhall Friday on The First 100 Days.

Please click link below for the full debate and the arrow in the video for Joe’s points.



One thought on “President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration; The First 100 Days with Martha MacCallum

  1. Joe Connor,

    I’m what the government call an illegal alien. I came to USA when i was 12 yrs old escaping a stupid war between Ecuador and Peru and also lived a terrible poverty and i fell in love with this nation and i even tried to join the ARMY many times but i couldn’t because of my status. I still have a lot of faith and love for this country even if they don’t like me and want to kick me out.
    I think death penalty for whom ever is found to be guilty of a terrorist act (with proof) is fair (eye by eye tooth by tooth). I feel so sorry for that happened to your family. Now i’m 33 years old now just like when your father past away. I can’t imagine my daughter living without me. Now i live in constant fear of been deported to a place i know so little and never again seen my friends and family. Most of the people i used to see in my youth in Ecuador are dead or live around the world.
    I understand that you like Trumps proposal of deporting all the illegals but for god’s sake you can’t judge us all the same you have to study. USA’s companies such as Chevron have destroyed a big and important part of Ecuador a small country and for that i’m not judging all united statians and i have to say that A LOT of united statians live so happy in Ecuador. Please when you choose your representatives in the government be careful there are alot in ignorant people who know so little about immigrants and lot of hate in their souls.
    I’m willing to give my life for this nation if necessary but i’m just asking for a little bit of compacion with my fellow immigrants . I know there are lot of bad hombres out there and i hope they get their punishment.

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