Clinton Tonight, Fraud in Chief

There is no place I would rather be tonight than with my son and friends at Giants Stadium (still can’t call it Met Life) watching the Big Blue begin defense of their most recent super bowl title against the hated Cowboys.

I won’t think much about what we are missing as Key Note Speaker Bill Clinton preaches to the DNC about how Barack Obama should be reelected president because our SEALs took out Osama bin Laden.

As if Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or our Attorney General Eric Holder for that matter, have any standing to sanctimoniously lecture us on fighting terrorism.

Not only did the dithering Clinton fail to order strikes on bin Laden in the 1990s due to political cowardice ( but in August 1999, the Clintons with enthusiastic support of current AG (then Deputy AG) Eric Holder granted clemency to 16 unrepentant Puerto Rican separatist terrorists of the FALN.

The FALN proudly claimed my 33 year old father Frank Connor’s murder (along with three other innocent men) at the infamous 1975 lunchtime bombing of New York’s historic Fraunces Tavern. It was one of over 130 FALN bombings during the FALN’s reign of terror from 1974 – 1983.

Thanks to the dedication of the FBI and New York and Chicago police departments during their decade long investigation, these terrorists were captured, tried, convicted and sentenced to appropriately long prison terms.

Clinton invoked executive privilege to cover up the reason for releasing these terrorists:

• Who never requested clemency,
• Who never repented for their crimes,
• Who refused the clemency for 30 days,
• Who never provided information for unsolved crimes,
• Whose leader Oscar Lopez refused clemency and remains in prison
• Who the FBI and Bureau of Prisons recommended against releasing
• Whose supports were granted a reported nine meetings with DoJ and White House officials while victims and their families were ignored

It was obvious however that the Clintons released the terrorists to curry favor with New York’s Latino voters as carpetbagger, Hillary Clinton ran for New York’s vacant senate seat in 1999.

FALN victims and their family members warned during the 1999 Congressional investigation into the clemencies that the release of unrepentant terrorists would only embolden terrorists to strike us again.

Never did we think it would happen to our family again.

Incredibly, almost two years to the day from their release, the savage attacks of 9/11 occurred. My father’s god son and nephew, my closest cousin, Steve Schlag, was one of 3,000 innocent souls murdered as I and so many others watched helplessly from our downtown offices only blocks from the World Trade Center and Fraunces Tavern.

For Holder, the Clintons, and now Obama, terrorism is a tool to be used for political gain; families, victims, and the citizenry they swore to protect be damned.

So please, as you suffer though Clinton’s sanctimony tonight don’t despair, just change the channel to the Giant game where my dad will be with my son and me rooting on his beloved Giants.

These politicians can try to use We the People for their political gain, but they can never defeat our spirit.

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One thought on “Clinton Tonight, Fraud in Chief

  1. Well said, my son.

    You have never let your father, Frank Connor, be forgotten.
    I know as a child you believed your dad could “fix” anything. Maybe now it is his turn to look down at you, his son, and watch you do your best to “fix” what is wrong with our country.

    Love you, Mom

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