Clinton Tonight: Women, barefoot and not pregnant

As the Democrats remove God from their platform and prepare to bow before their patron saint, Bill Clinton tonight in Charlotte, let’s ask why Clinton has attained his saintly status?

We are told that he and the other Democrats stand for the rights of women and the choices they make for their bodies. Tell that to Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky and how many others?

Clinton and the Democrats hypocritically and exasperatingly claim that they stand for individual choice for our bodies as they support the massive government control of our health care that the people did not choose and will dictate to women and everyone else what procedures they will be allowed and not allowed.

I may have answered my own question as to why Clinton has become so godly to the Democrats.

His lack of respect for women, beginning with his lack of respect for his own wife that would allow him to engage in adultery, is endemic in the Democrats view of women.

The liberal idea of women’s rights and what is important to women revolves not around family values, job opportunity (according to the Bureau of Labor, The number of women in the U.S. without a job has increased more than 15 percent since President Barack Obama took office), tradition or religion, but around free contraception and abortion on demand.

What do those two staples of liberal dogma explain about the official Democrat perception of women?

They explain why Bill Clinton is giving the Key Note Address tonight.

Finally the Democrats are revealing how they feel about women. Please America, take notice.

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