Betrayal: Support al Qaeda in Syria? What did Americans fight and die for in the War on Terror?

FrankConnorFrancesTavernIf the United States intervenes and supports al Qaeda aligned rebels in Syria, no matter how horrendous Assad is, the lives of those brutally murdered in the 9/11 terror attacks 12 years ago next week including my cousin Steve Schlag and all the brave American Servicemen killed and wounded in the war on terror will be diminished for cheap politics by their own government. WTC 911

It brings back betrayal from the Clintons’ and Eric Holder’s 1999 politically craven clemency to the unrepentant FALN terrorists. The FALN claimed our father and Steve’s god father Frank Connor’s murder at the lunchtime bombing of Fraunces Tavern in New York City. I said in 1999, “It hurts to think that my father’s life is valued less than some political agenda of the president.” Now its happening again.

Connor Schlag plaque

What did Steve Schlag and the thousands of other Americans die for?

Not to reward those who savaged them nor to appease a president’s agenda.

Their families and all Americans deserve better.

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