How can this administration remove Cuba from the state sponsor of terror list when Cuba has sponsored terrorists like William Morales and Joanne Chesimard for decades?

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Perhaps we are reaching a positive tipping point in the quest to bring fugitives back from Cuba to face justice.

This week Alan Yuhas of The Guardian and Liz Llorente of Fox News Latino joined the Hartford Courant, New York Post, Bergen Record, Fox News Channel and other news outlets in publishing stories on the return of fugitives from Cuba, specifically FALN bomber William Morales.

Please click here for Ms. Llorente’s interview.

From Joe Connor’s interview with The Guardian, “Clearly, things have changed,” Connor said of the shift in relations between Cuba and the US, but he reserved criticisms for how Barack Obama has handled normalization, saying the US had “capitulated” too soon to demands. “I’m not jumping for joy here,” he said. “I’ve worked awful hard at this for an awful long time. I want Morales returned in his cage. It’s not like he has to come to court here; he’s already been sentenced. It’s easy.”Morales Cage

For the full Guardian article, please click here.

President Obama must reverse his decision to remove Cuba from the state sponsor of terror list and demand the return of these fugitives from American Justice.

If you agree, please contact your senators and house member requesting he or she demands Obama reverse his decision and brings Morales and the other fugitives back to face justice.


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