Good Riddance to Eric Holder, Op / Ed in The Washington Times

Only days before President Obama’s inauguration in Jan., 2009, I was invited to testholder Jail Cardify at Eric Holder’s confirmation hearing regarding his engineering, as deputy attorney general, the infamous 1999 Clinton clemency grants to 16 unrepentant members of the Puerto Rican terror group, Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN).

During his own Senate testimony, Mr. Holder set the tone for this administration’s lack of transparency and excuse of ignorance against the accusation of malfeasance by claiming he didn’t know the FALN terrorists were filmed building bombs by the FBI. He foreshadowed his coming arrogance by casually deeming the release of unrepentant terrorists as “reasonable.”holder1…..

Sean Hannity asked me back in 2008 why Mr. Holder pushed for terror clemency even before Mrs. Clinton announced her Senate run.

I replied, “Maybe he just agreed with them.”

Some things never change.

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