Cuba on State Sponsor of Terror List: Republicans capitulate to Obama again

FrankConnorFrancesTavernIn my statement to Fox News Latino, “Only a weak, pathetic Congress who does not have the best interests of the American people at heart would not put up a fight against Obama removing Cuba — a state that has sponsored terrorists for decades — from the state sponsors of terror list.,” said Joe Connor, a Wall Street executive opposed to restoring diplomatic ties with Cuba, told Fox News Latino in an email.

“The Republican Leadership has laid down to Obama without even a fight,” said Connor, whose father, Frank Connor, was killed in 1975 in a New York City bombing whose mastermind, William Morales, fled to Cuba after being convicted and sentenced to 89 years in jail. 

Like other opponents of de-listing Cuba from the terror list, Connor said the Castro regime’s protection of Morales — who belonged to FALN, a Puerto Rican militant group — and other U.S. fugitives show that it remains a sponsor of terrorists.

“So Obama capitulates to the likes of Cuba and Iran, and then the Congress, who is supposed to represent the people, capitulates to Obama,” Connor said. “Who is left holding the bag?  The American people like my family and yours.”

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