This Morning on Fox & Friends: Hillary Clinton brushes off criticism from victims’ families

  1. ConnorBF&F080316On Fox & Friends August 3, Steve Doocy and Joe discussed the Obama Administration’s $400 million ransom payment to Iran in exchange for 4 American hostages.  Makes  you long for the day Reagan took office when the Iranians immediately turned over 52 American hostages.  Remember when our president was respected and perhaps a bit feared?

Steve and Joe went on to discuss Hillary Clinton’s role in clemency to the FALN terrorists who murdered Frank Connor and others at Fraunces Tavern.  Ironically, today marks the 39 anniversary of the FALN’s deadly bombing at the Mobil Oil Building in New York City.  Rest in peace Charles Steinberg.  You are not forgotten.

How can Hillary Clinton, who played Russian Roulette with the lives of the American people by pushing clemency to unrepentant terrorists, even be considered as our commander in chief?

Please click here or cut and paste the link below into your browser for the 4 minute interview and click on the Falcon – letter link below for the clemency request letter to Mrs. Clinton.

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