Why this average American is voting for President Trump


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Like many Americans, I periodically post political views on social media. Almost all my posts are based on my personal experiences.

Recently, many of those posts have been viciously attacked by certain “friends” based on neither facts nor experience; just emotion, usually anger.

The sad fact is many of these attacks have come from people I grew up with. People I’ve known for almost 50 years, who come from the same working-class town as me; people I went to grade school, church, Bar Mitzvahs and Confirmations with. Kids who stood next to my dad and me wearing birthday hats at our basement parties.

They don’t understand that the Democrats who dismissed our average family’s pain, who used our father’s life and his murder for their political gain, who played Russian Roulette with all American families by unleashing unrepentant terrorists on the population they swore to protect, can and will, do it to any family including theirs.

Our father Frank Connor was murdered by the Marxist, Puerto Rican terrorist group FALN in 1975.  His godson, my cousin Steve Schlag was murdered in the North Tower on 9/11/01 as I witnessed the attacks from my nearby office window having just commuted through the WTC.

Democrats led by Obama/Biden, Eric Holder, and the Clintons arrogantly dismissed our father’s life and our average American family for pure politics. In a reprehensible, politically craven push for votes for Hillary Clinton in her 2000 New York senatorial campaign, they pushed clemency on the unrepentant FALN. In 2017 they lauded FALN leader Oscar Lopez Rivera as a “Freedom Hero” after he accepted his second clemency offer from Obama/Biden.  (Lopez refused the 1999 Clinton Clemency.)

Despite providing safe-haven to terrorist fugitives including convicted FALN bomb maker William Morales and Black Liberation Army cop killer Joanne Chesimard, Obama/Biden capitulated by removing the terror state of Cuba from the State Sponsor of Terror list.

Today, Biden, as he claimed, is the Democrat Party that supports BLM and Antifa; today’s generation of the same Marxist terrorists who unleashed a reign of terror against the United States in the 1970s.

As a result of the Left’s attacks on our American Family, I was forced to become politically active including twice testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee (once at Eric Holder’s AG confirmation hearing), introducing The Pardon Attorney Reform and Integrity Act to Congress, taking a significant role in the famed Citizen’s United Hillary the Movie, shooting a commercial at Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential campaign, writing books, publishing articles, witnessing 2016 pre-trail hearings at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and appearing on various television news programs.

My social media posts are based on personal experience, not on abstract political view. Yet my so-called “friends” on the left cannot understand that there is a humanity, a tangible result to the actions we support and protest.

Our lives are not a game.  Our lives are not a social/political experiment.  Our lives are real, gifts from God, not abstract theory to be used by politicians or their followers.

Like so many others, our average family has felt the real-world pain of political acts. I only wish these “friends” would understand that. Even if they do not have empathy for our family or so many others who have been shattered by political ambition, they need to understand that any political party who would release unrepentant terrorists both Islamic and Marxist, who would cozy up to Marxist terrorist states and violence in our streets would do anything to anyone for power.

Jeez, even I figured that out in 1999.

The election is only two weeks away. We may not love or even like either candidate, but our vote is not for the person as much as it is for each other.  Do we want a president who is the party, that sees the American people not as individuals, but as groups, and uses its peoples’ lives and deaths for political gain?

No, we want a future where again the government steps out of our lives, fights against Marxist terrorists while respecting each of us as individuals as per the founding of this country.

That is why this average American is voting for Donald Trump.


One thought on “Why this average American is voting for President Trump

  1. Joe,

    I believe no one’s views which are based on personal experience should be attacked, rather, they deserve respect. I have a dear friend who was/is pro-Trump, knowing his story I empathize with him.

    George Washington warned about the dangers of political parties.

    You and your family deserve respect and recognition from our government and it should transcend party lines period!

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