On The Dennis Miller and Frank Gaffney Shows, Joe discussed Obama’s Cuban give away and the parallels between New York City now and in the 1970s

Doug Urbanski invited Joe to discuss Obama’s capitulation to Cuba on December 30th’s Dennis Miller Show.Morales Cage

We moved from the failure of the US to secure the return of FALN bomber, fugitive William Morales (cage right) and Joanne Chesimard to the parallels between the mood in New York today and back in the mid1970s when Morales’ FALN reigned terror on the City.

Frank Gaffney Show

  • The US had just been through one of the most troubled presidencies in our history with a president who should have been removed
  • We had just concluded a long undeclared war that the Left made sure we did not win
  • Like today, they were not against the war as much as they were against us winning the war
  • By our unwillingness to win the war and subsequent withdrawal, we left a vacuum that was filled by tyranny and genocide in the region for years to come
  • Confidence was low, the American Dream seemed to be dying
  • We were in the throes of economic malaise and low expectations
  • Terrorist attacks were a constant threat and hijackings were the norm
  • Police were under siege
  • Major attack from an unpredictable, ideologically driven enemy seemed inevitable
  • New York City was in decay, governed by an ineffective liberal mayor
  • Even the Giants  and Jets couldn’t buy a win… sound familiar?

The turnaround  came in the 80s with the promise, the clarity, the simple optimism of  Ronald Reagan that We the People have the God given ability to succeed.  Intrusive, power grabbing government extinguishes that  flame within igniting a society in flames.

Please click on the play button above to listen to the discussion.

All the best for 2015.



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