No Terrorist Hero: Sponsors and politicians abandon the Puerto Rican Day Parade

An amazing group of friends and enormous social media support from Puerto Rican  and non Puerto Rican Communities have proven that We the People still have power.

Through our tenacity, passion, common sense understanding of right and wrong, and just plain WILL we have contributed to all major sponsors,unions and most officials, including the NYPD Police Commissioner O’Neill and NY Governor Cuomo pulling their support from the June 11, Puerto Rican Day Parade that plans to honor the convicted FALN terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera.

Lopez is to receive a “Freedom Hero” or some such award.  A Freedom Hero award to a Marxist whose FALN murdered four at Fraunces Tavern, the very birthplace of freedom in our country?  He deserves no such award.

Lopez’s FALN murdered five innocent men in New York, Harold Sherbourne, Jim Gezork, Alex Berger, Charles Steinberg and our father Frank Connor. In addition they shattered the lives and families of the dozens of wounded they left in their wake.

Thank you all who have made this boycott possible.

The contributions are too numerous to site so here are a few samples:

We thank former sponsors such as Goya Foods, JetBlue, AT&T, Coca-Cola, NY Yankees, Telemundo and The Daily News, for withdrawing sponorship.

Now we push for Mayor Deblasio to withdraw from the parade or for Council Speaker Viverito to disassociate Lopez from the parade and withdraw his award.

Please let you know how you feeling using the information below.

Thank you for your support and keep up the fight for justice.

3 thoughts on “No Terrorist Hero: Sponsors and politicians abandon the Puerto Rican Day Parade

  1. On behalf of my Fellow Members of the Lakewood Ranch, Florida Veterans and Patriots, Mickey Quinn, US Navy Korean Veteran, Richy Evers, Retired FDNY 9.11 1st Responder, Garrett Lindgren, Retired FDNY, 9.11 1st Responder and Gene Sweeney, USAF Vietnam Veteran are very proud and honored to have been selected to be in the Perfect Day Movie with Retired Navy SEAL Jason Redman, Retired FDNY 1st Responder Tim Brown along with our Friend Joseph Connor whose father was killed by terrorists in a NYC bombing in 1975 when he was 9 years old.

    Btw, we built a 9.11 Victims and Fallen Heroes Memorial in Venice, Florida, where the leaders of the 19 terrorist lived, trained and plotted the attacks on September 11th, 2001 To view the 9.11 Fallen Heroes Memorial click on .

  2. As a full blooded Puerto Rican born & raised in NYC, I AM ASHAMED that A KILLER can be GIVEN AN AWARD for KILLING !!! AMERICA MUST STAND UP TO THIS INSANITY & I FEEL THE DEATH PENALTY should HAVE BEEN THE ONLY ” AWARD ” THE ANIMAL bomb maker lopez-rivera should have received AND EVIDENTLY HE HIMSELF FEELS THIS WAY…. He was the one that made the Instruments that TOOK LIFE… my world that makes you….GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY & as a fully disabled American Veteran I tell ALL in my Puerto Rican Race that if You Agree to the violence & death that “THIS ANIMAL” produced; regardless of the Politics…. then YOU-TOO-DESERVE-THE-DEATH-PENALITY-LIKE-THE-PIG-THAT-YOU-OBVIOUSLY-ARE !!! Puerto Ricans are ALOT MORE than Stupid-Violent-Blind-Senseless-KILLERS of Men, Women, Children & POLICE in AMERICA & in PUERTO RICO THAT GET GIVEN AWARDS FOR SUCH DEEDS AND clintons, the bamas’, & deBlazz SHOULD BE PUNISHED FOR CONDONING & REWARDING GOD-LESS BEHAVIOR such as this……. May GOD have pity on your Miserable-SOULS that feel that he / IT is a Hero…… Sad…… Pathetically Sad……. My Heart BLEEDS PUERTO RICO & I would DIE FOR MY AMERICA !!!! Go to the site and SEE an ISLAND (s) and A PEOPLE so kind, & Beautiful that they have no need for VIOLENCE or HATE…..only Love Of FOOD, FAMILY LIFE & ONE-ANOTHER…..Hence WE-ARE-BORIQUAS !!!!! ☆ a gift to Chill by if you’ve read this far… Enjoy & visit P.R……… ; )

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